Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing services For most hack attacks, easy system penetration is the culprit. But don’t worry, our network penetration testing services will help eliminate IT cybersecurity threats and identify current methods of penetration that hackers are using on your system. With us as your penetration test service providers, you’ll receive Managed IT Services and IT Security Services to ensure your system is always up on effective safety measures.

Penetration Testing Services

To give you an idea of what to expect from a penetration test company, here is a list of our cyber security penetration testing services:
  1. Wireless. When wireless networks aren’t properly secured, it leaves vulnerabilities in your system that hackers use to gain and exploit your business’s confidential data. By doing a penetration exam on these features, you’ll discover weaknesses and the potential risks they could cause.
  2. Network. When scanning for network frailties, our technicians are able to identify which system assets can be tampered with and evaluate how they are affected during an attack.
  3. Applications. Cybercriminals often use software weaknesses to exploit the property of large, medium, and small organizations. By pinpointing application downfalls, we are able to protect you from possible breaches.
  4. Remote work. Penetration testing consultants are able to determine whether or not you are carrying out your remote work responsibly. Working online can be risky, due to every aspect of information being shared between different networks. With pen testing as a service, you can check the penetrability of your and your employees remote systems.
  5. Website Applications. Companies often use website applications for most of their business processes and data transferring. Thus, making these applications ideal for malicious users. By checking the hackability of these programs, we are protecting your information in a big way.
  6. Social Engineering. Unfortunately, your employees can fall victim to senseless cybercrime acts. With all the phishing scams and malware floating around, social engineering continues to be one of the most successful hacking processes. We’ll assess your system and personnel to secure an understanding from your entire organization.
  7. Mobile Security. Most businesses have client portals and other convenience applications. Unfortunately, these apps hold a lot of juicy data for upcoming hackers. We’ll assess your mobile programs to cut out unnecessary leakage.
  8. Firewall Configuration. If you aren’t constantly maintaining your firewall updates, it can quickly become ineffective. We’ll assess the efficiency of your firewalls and recommend optimizations.

Benefits of Pen Assessments

  • Recognize Vulnerabilities. Thanks to the myriad of penetration tests we offer, you’ll have the knowledge and equipment you need to reveal any current or impending threats to your network.
  • Obtain Peace of Mind. Our goal is to let you know that your servers, network, and devices are safe from hack attacks at all times. We achieve this goal by running penetration evaluations, managing, and securing your IT processes.
  • Optimize Security Practices. These examinations give you the tools you need to increase the overall efficiency of your infrastructure’s security system.
With Klik Solutions as your IT provider, the features and details of your system will be practically impenetrable. To find out more, call us at (888) 959-1196 or Klik here to schedule a meeting with one of our first-rate technicians.

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