Managed Peripheral Control

Managed Peripheral Control

Klik Solutions is proud to present our clients with Peripheral Device Management. These peripheral control services give your system external protection from foreign devices by blocking unsafe plugins. Because we’re a Managed IT Service Provider, we know you need flexible Managed IT Services to protect you from security loopholes and backdoor hack attacks.

The Importance of Managed Peripheral Control.

We know that your data is vital to the success of your organization. That’s why maximizing your protection with multilayered security and device control block is a business must. This is just one of many Data Loss Prevention (DLP) methods, but it’s a crucial one that focuses on nipping insider attacks in the bud. However, it does more than just secure your data, peripheral control management can also:

  • Raise awareness of essential user and device interactions. This is vital because it gives you the capability to detect and prevent unauthorized or malicious users.
  • It doesn’t matter what the contents of a drive is, or even if there is any, it can still inhabit malicious software. Peripheral controls can help you cut out hard-to-spot risky drive inputs.
  • Because Malware takes the approach of reconstructing the internal contents of a device, it can be impossible to patch. Our service aids you in detecting these intrusions before they can cause devastating damage.

Benefits of Klik’s Peripheral Control System.

Besides multilayer protection and gaining control over your endpoints, devices, and end-users, this service has so many perks. Including:

  • Device obtrusion reduction. Manually ensuring your jurisdiction over your hardware can be a real drag. Luckily, Klik Solutions can implement strict compliance procedures to prevent unfavorable access combinations. Once they’ve been put in place, the maintenance will be automated. Leaving you available to focus on important business functions.
  • Hardware personnel and access control. It may sound intrusive, but having visible hardware and user access is a must. Without it, you won’t be able to accurately observe the warning signs associated with hack attacks.
  • Transparent security mock-ups. Our control system will keep you from spending endless pointless hours on potential threat avoidance efforts. The zero-trust policy we utilize will only let users through once they’ve been vetted and approved by the administration. Saving you hours on preventative measures.
  • Customization capabilities. You’ll be able to manipulate your device to differentiate between specific access permissions, facility units, and endpoint hardware.

Device Permissions.

Blocking all user access without administrator permissions would be extremely time-consuming for you. That’s why we offer different levels of access depending on the personnel:

  • No access. Without permission, an individual with this ranking will not be able to access, view, or edit any of the files housed in your infrastructure.
  • Read-only. Someone with this characterization will only be able to read specific documents that are specified by their clearance. The information they view will be uneditable, uncopyable, and will only be available on storage servers.
  • Full access. A person with this specification will be able to view and edit external device content that is connected to your mainframe.

At Klik Solution, our main goal is to give your business the tools and protection it needs to thrive. To find out more about us call 888-959-1196 or Klik here to schedule a meeting with one of our talented specialists.

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