Outsourcing IT Help Desk Service

Outsourcing IT help desk service If you’re in need of a comprehensive service desk that can be available to you 24×7, look no further. With us as your Managed IT Services Provider, you’ll get all the assistance you need through our Managed IT Services. As an Outsourced IT Support Company, we make your time of need our business.

Outsourcing IT Help Desk Service

Our Outsourced IT Helpdesk, compared to other IT help desk outsourcing companies, is jam-packed with resources that are sure to increase the efficiency of your organization. Listed below are some of Klik Solutionstop features:
  • Help desk staff. Have access to a world-class team of Outsourced Help Desk Support technicians whenever you need them.
  • 24×7 assistance. Unlike in-house IT Support, we have top-rated professionals working at all times. So if you need the option of constant aid, we’ve got you covered.
  • Live support. Get assistance through a live chat feature. This process allows you to get the aid you need in a simplistic and timely manner.
  • Project management. Running your business along with interior projects can be complicated. Having us as your Outsourced Help Desk Providers means never having to handle pesky technical processes alone.
  • Multi-technology support. Our solutions can offer you assistance with a broad range of your technology needs.
  • Custom ticketing system. Keep track of all your moderate to severe technical issues with an organized ticketing system.
  • Incident reports. We try to minimize incidents at all costs, but when they do arise, our staff will handle the reporting process for you. Because, at Klik, we know you have better things to worry about.
  • Shared operational control. If you have an in-house IT support team that you’re not ready to let go of, we offer shared controls. So you can keep the expertise of your current team while reaping the benefits of a big brand outsourcing help desk services.
  • Escalation assistance. Sometimes issues are too big for the help desk to take on alone. Our team will make sure these matters are escalated to someone who can resolve them.
  • Satisfaction surveys. We like to ensure your client’s satisfaction along with yours, so we provide satisfaction surveys that allow you to evaluate your business efficiency.

Why Klik Solutions is the Best Option for Your Business

We are a highly qualified IT Provider with over a decade of experience. The Klik team has the tools and expertise to assist your company in an outstanding fashion. Here are some of our top attributes:
  • Global reach. We’re a remote and in-person company that has the reach to help you wherever you’re located.
  • Cybersecurity. Because we are data security providers, we have the ability to keep your important business particulars safe during helpdesk processes.
  • A broad range of team members. The Klik team is made up of over 30 specialists around the globe. These qualified professionals specialize in a range of expertise and are ready and willing to assist you with any system issues that may arise.
  • MSP is our main focus. As Managed IT Solutions Providers, a first priority is keeping your system up and running to secure optimal business efficiency for you and your clients.
  • 3 centralized locations. With offices in the Ukraine, Netherlands, and America we have the reach to assist you anywhere you are.
Levels of Assistance: L1 – At this level, we strive to aid clients in simplistic data and infrastructure usage questions. L2 – We use this degree to resolve software and network issues. L3 – This stage of support is optional, but can be used to overcome complex coding affairs. Our top priority will always be increasing the efficiency of your organization, so you can reach your intended goals faster. For more information on these Help Desk Services call us at 888-959-1196 or Klik here to schedule a meeting with an exceptional specialist.

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