4 ways MSPs can help schools with remote learning

Remote Learning MSP

2020 turned out to be an extremely challenging time for educators. All learning institutions had to move to 100% remote within a very short period of time. Besides migrating their entire curriculum online academic institutions faced multiple challenges. This includes increasing remote learning effectiveness, helping students to stay engaged and motivated, organizing virtual classrooms for workshops, finding out the best ways for knowledge checks and the list goes on. 

Despite the growing use of digital learning tools, educators struggled to master essential skills for fully remote mode instantly. In the “new reality” a role of a Managed Services Provider is now more important more than ever. Let’s figure out how educational institutions can benefit from collaborating with MSPs. 

1. Cut Costs 

Most of the schools used to utilize the same IT resources for years, but in the current circumstances they require more in-depth use of new technologies. With this, the “New normal” adds more strain to the current IT infrastructure in schools. Here’s where getting an MSP could be a smart, strategic, and make financial sense. Co-managing your IT with an MSP will help a school’s IT department free to focus more essential projects.  

2. Keep your school safe 

Modern MSPs are experienced in many industries, including education.  That’s why partnering with them is not just about supporting an existing IT infrastructure, but also creating a safe IT system. An MSP can help schools against cyberattacks, ransomware and hackers. Leaving schools to rest easy that their data is safe 

3. Training and workshops 

With remote learning educators need to update their knowledge in technologies to effectively teach with the best digital tools available. MSPs usually provide wide range of specific training and workshops to help customers in mastering skills they need. For instance, using the cloud, sharing videos safely, using video chat for classes. 

4. More time to focus on students 

Remote studies require additional work to manage the whole process and to keep students motivated. But online learning doesn’t guarantee the same level of engagement compared to face-to-face interaction. So, teaches need to pay more attention to finding new ways to interact with their students remotely. With an MSP, this allows teachers to focus on professional tasks rather than spending time fighting technical errors and improving workflow. 

Schools and Universities can meet their goals much more easily when combined with a dedicated IT team to support them 

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