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Ransomware Protection Service

healthcare Ransomware is a harmful and cynical malware approach that allows hackers to extort money from individuals, like yourself, by using their own data against them. Luckily, protection against ransomware starts with us, Klik Solutions. Our Managed IT Services and IT Security Services allow you to have optimal ransomware protection when working with us.

Ransomware Protection Service

With our Anti Ransomware Services, the main goal is delivering superlative cyber security that is sure to protect your company’s sensitive data.
Here is the process that allows us to reach our goal without fail:
  1. Identify Risks.
    By using our Command Center, which is personalized to your business needs, we are able to protect your company from malware through risk identification using ransomware protection:
    • Zero-trust guidelines enable you to have full control over who can and can’t access your network.
    • Implementation of dual-authorization to prevent accidental and malicious administrator acts.
    • Utilization of multiple multi-factor authentication (MFA’s) methods, so you always have verified authentication assistance.
  2. Protect your System.
    We can minimize your attack surface and expand your data protection by simplifying your processes and giving you a security dashboard.
    • Implement Multitenancy software architecture to seclude your network and manage your data.
    • Deter lateral threats by air gapping your backup data.
    • Deploy air-gapped Cloud storage services.
    • Guarantee protection against changes from interior or exterior backup solutions by utilizing your choice of hardware.
    • Use antivirus for ransomware.
  3. Monitor the Network.
    Always make informed decisions when dealing with malicious attacks by using our simple dashboards. By using these toggle centers you get early warnings of signs of suspicious activity on your network.
    • Protect your environment’s network by using a single interface to watch, manage, and secure it.
    • Gain more distinct insights, faster response times, and quick alerts through constant infrastructure monitoring.
    • Have access to the quickest malware detection processes.
    • Observe all in-house resources and activities to ensure user-accountability tracking.
  4. Threat Response Tactics.
    Avoid risk and business slow-downs by making certain you have clean data backups.
    • When dealing with suspicious files, isolate them immediately to reduce malware spread.
    • Automatically maintain the most recent quality copy. This will enable you to avoid the unnecessary retirement of backup copies.
    • By intertwining state-of-the-art monitoring tools, we are able to comprehensive system reports and alerts.
    • Customize your ransomware protection software command center to increase the productivity of your company’s security measures.
  5. Recover.
    We’ll actively work to recover all of your data. Including, in-house, cloud, and network data.
    • Delete any suspicious files to ensure you don’t get reinfected with pesky malware.
    • By using cross-cloud processes we are able to recover your workloads without limitations from the Cloud.
    • Make your file recovery automatic by using popular recovery operations like machine learning.
    • By quickly quarantining backup copies and restoring original files to a safe location, we can easily provide clean backup data.
With Klik Solutions, you’ll almost always be safe from security threats and hack attacks. For more information on our protection services call us today at 888-959-1196 or Klik here to schedule a meeting with one of our qualified specialists.

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