How to improve office 365 security

How to improve office 365 security
With so many cyber risks out there today, it can be difficult to keep even your most basic applications safe. If your company is anything like ours, you probably use Microsoft applications on a daily basis. As a Managed IT Services Provider, we take our Managed IT Services, IT Security Services, and 365 security solutions very seriously. So, we’re here to offer you some tips on how to secure your office 365 efficiently.

How to improve office 365 security

As a leading office utility software, Microsoft office utilizes its own 365 security features. The key is knowing how to customize these features to reach maximum security in Office 365. Here are some of the unbeatable Office 365 security settings available:
  • Privileged Identity Management. Handles user privilege and access controls.
  • Mobile Device Management. Takes care of unwanted and unsecured mobile device transactions.
  • Encrypted Email and Data Loss Avoidance. To ensure your files are safe on and off your network.
  • Azure Identity Protection. A setting that picks up on unusual access occurrences to prevent undetected threat entries.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication. A well-known method of multi-layer access protection.
  • State-of-the-Art Advanced Threat Protection.
Now that you have an idea of Office 365 security best practices, it’s time to describe each feature a little more in-depth. Prevent Zero-day Malware in Email with Office 365 Advanced Threat ...

Privileged Identity Management

In any industry that involves confidential client information, it is crucial to limit your users with administrative access. This is because any successful breach on an account with admin access can be utterly devastating to your business. Far worse than any unprivileged account access infiltration. This is how privileged management can help. This aspect of Office security will allow you to assign appropriate account access with ease. Here’s how it works. First, a user must be specified as an “eligible admin” within your network. Users can even request admin access on an as-needed basis. Next, you’ll have the ability to customize your employee’s admin accesses. Meaning, you have say over how long the user can have access to admin privileges and what information they are allowed to see.

Mobile Device Management

This form of management can play a huge role in the protection of your business’s confidential information. Your employees may think you are trying to spy on them but, in reality, this feature was created to limit important agency data exports on Mobile devices in your facility. Depending on the level of authority you need, this feature can be modified in a myriad of ways. For example, if you let employees access their business applications on their mobile devices, you will want maximum control over what they can edit and export. If they are only enabled to use their work email on their phones, you can be a little more relaxed with this setting.

Encrypted Email and Data Loss Avoidance

When using Microsoft on a daily basis, sensitive data is bound to go unprotected. Luckily, Microsoft has you covered with their customizable data security office 365 methods. We know many of our clients are successful financial and health industries that need to keep their documentation under wraps. So, we’ll help you make the most of these awesome security features by taking the time to encrypt your existing files. That way they are protected when they are sitting still in the system or in transit. Yes, you heard it right. Office 365 email security features can even keep your private client information safe during the export process.

Azure Identity Protection

Unfortunately, many breaches go unnoticed until a, possibly irreversible, change has been made to your system. This is because hackers design their infiltration methods to be practically undetectable. This way, they can cause serious damage before being booted off the system. This is where Azure Identity Protection starts to really come in handy. Using AI technology, this feature learns how you work and subsequently flags unusual access occurrences. Like, if you tried to log in from a new device. This service would detect that a new device is on the system and require you to carry out multiple authentication processes. Azure Information Protection brings Azure Rights Management technology ...

Multi-Factor Authentication

This is one of the most popular security features in the IT world today. So you’ve probably heard and even experienced it at some point in your professional or personal endeavors. Because so much of your private business particulars can end up on Office 365 applications, they took it up themselves to implement their own MFA methods. Microsoft has 3 specific identification protocols. The system will ask you and your employees to provide some knowledge you have – like a password. Then you’ll be asked to present a part of yourself using a fingerprint or face scan. Last, to be really thorough, you’ll possibly be asked to offer up one of your other known passwords, like for your mobile device.

State-of-the-Art Advanced Threat Protection

Ransomware is a nasty invention created by hackers to steal a business’s access to their privileged information and sell it back to them at a ridiculous price. By using malicious and very real-looking links, hackers can coerce your employees into accidentally giving them access to your vital data. Microsoft’s Advanced threat detection can help you prevent these malicious attacks by preventing these phishing scams before they even reach your network. Using a virtual environment, this ATP software opens and checks emails for malicious intent before they even have a chance to reach your inbox. Because this feature is so advanced, it’s an add-on service that costs about $2 per month, per user. For the low price, the coverage is worth it.

Klik Solutions Security Gut Check

If you’re not quite sure what your Office 365 security posture is looking like these days, we’re here to help. By using Microsoft’s secure score, you can see exactly how your cyber protection methods are holding up. After your score has been generated, Microsoft will give you tasks and tips to help you improve your file safety. If you need help implementing those tasks, we’re only one Klik away. As an add on bonus, we can even carry out our own complimentary Microsoft security audit. This will aid you in customizing your office applications and security posture to meet the needs of your company’s infrastructure.

Klik Advantages

Here’s what you’ll be gaining with Klik Solutions:
  • 24x7x365 support. We don’t take our security and IT assistance lightly. When you’re in a cyber pinch, you need help right then and there. That’s why we have technical experts standing by waiting to take your call any day at any time.
  • Cost efficiency. Hiring your own in-house IT staff can be costly and ineffective. With us, you can pick and choose the services you need and forget the ones you don’t. And we’ll only charge you for the services you use on an as-needed basis, or at a fixed monthly rate.
  • Bundled managed IT services. With so many resources, such as EDR and SIEM, we can help you customize your features to guarantee you increased uptime and advanced cyber security.
  • Data and repository management services. Not only do we protect your network, but we also keep your online repositories safe from unwanted criminals. By letting us manage your Cloud and data services, you’ll have more time to think about other important business functions.
  • End-user education. As a well-known cybersecurity and managed services provider, we know that your employees can harm your network more than anyone else. That’s why we offer cybersecurity seminars to all of our clients and their end-users.
If you have questions on our Microsoft security practices, visit our Klik.solutions blog. We’re here to help answer your questions in any way we can. So, if you need us, just give us a call at 888-959-1196. A highly-trained IT professional will be waiting to speak with you directly! Klik here to schedule a consultation and receive a full rundown of how we can improve and protect your business.  
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