The Hybrid Approach: what Co-Managed IT is and its benefits

Cloud, hybrid approach

There are two common options for IT management: organizations either create their own internal IT department or outsource all their IT. But as agility and flexibility are the key characteristics of modern times, a third option has emerged. Co-managed IT which, blends the best elements of both scenarios.

Let’s take a closer look at Co-Managed IT and discover which organizations benefit the most from choosing this hybrid option.

1. Strategic partnership combined with deep industry knowledge.

An internal IT team is normally more aware of business strategy, company’s goals, and industry specifics, while a Co-Managed IT service gives a strategic partnership and comprehensive reliable support.

2. Increased productivity.

Routine maintenance, upgrades, and patches take time and require additional effort. It is especially important during peak business season. With Co-Managed IT, the MSP easily handles all these issues while the internal IT team gets more time to concentrate on major projects.

3. Round the clock monitoring and support.

A working day for staff members is normally limited to a 9-5. That’s when collaborating with a Co-Managed IT comes in handy. Business benefits from 24x7x365 monitoring and having the right experts at work exactly when a problem arises or even before it happens.

4. Extended IT expertise on demand.

It is not necessary to hire a Chief Information Officer if an organization quite rarely needs high-level expert advice. Having a Co-Managed IT allows getting an advisory session with a vCIO only when it is required.

5. Reliable security and access to the latest solutions.

Co-managed IT has the resources and skills to implement new technologies. Most of them are official partners of well-known IT solutions and systems developers.

6. Cost optimization

Despite the fact that you work with both a full-time in house IT department and an external IT department, the overall costs will reduce because of more productivity through technology.

As any model Co-managed IT has its upsides and downsides. To sum up, it might be a smart choice for growing up businesses or niche organizations where a deep understanding of complicated industry nuances is essential. Read about the comparison between a Fully Managed IT and a Co-Managed IT. Interested? Klik here for a proposal.


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