Cloud Managed IT Service Provider

Cloud Managed IT Service Provider At Klik Solutions, we believe in delivering optimal Managed Cloud Services, cyber security, and technology protection. That’s why, as a Managed Cloud Service Provider, we integrate elite Managed IT Services with versatile Cloud IT Services. By utilizing Microsoft Office’s suite of public programs, we’re able to offer our clients the protection they need with the necessary coexistence of Managed IT Cloud Services.

Cloud Managed IT Service.

Our Cloud-Based Managed Services come with tons of features and perks. To list a few, here are some of our favorites:
  • Public and private storage capabilities. With so much important information to save, your business must have scalable and flexible storage abilities. That’s why we offer our clients an expandible public server along with a confidential private server with our Managed Services Cloud. This way you can save room for the privileged data on your private and all the other stuff can go on your endless amount of public storage.
  • Constant end-user assistance. Our goal is to deliver exceptional end-user support to our clients. We have technicians working round-the-clock to ensure all of your issues are resolved quickly. Because we offer remote and in-person services. We will dispatch a specialist or utilize our in-house technology at your location to promptly resolve any issues that arise.
  • Secure messaging. Since we utilize Microsoft Cloud, security, and messaging services, we can promise protected messaging exports. Outlook and Microsoft platforms come with built-in security settings that can be personalized to your safety requirements. We’ll help you configure these settings to your business needs.
  • Successful backups. Backup business data, it’s one of those things you can never be too careful with. With so much vital information held in one place, you should always have a plan B. So, we’ll back your information onto a third-party storage database to make sure it is virtually unerasable. This will help protect you from ransomware worst-case scenarios.
  • Microsoft cybersecurity benefits. As mentioned before, the Microsoft Cloud platforms we utilize come with outstanding configurable security settings. We’re talking multilayer protection from end-users to phishing scam avoidance. By implementing two-factor authentication and other security features on the platform with our SIEM, EDR, and Firewall features, you are sure to be safe from even the most creative hack attacks.
  • Versatile file export processes. When running a fast-paced business and maintaining your infrastructure’s safety, it can be hard to export files quickly. Luckily, we extend Microsoft OneDrive services to our clients. Allowing you to simply store and acquire documents from approved devices.

Why We’re the Right It Management Service Provider for You.

Our team is proud to serve many clients, in many regions, and in any way they need. We take your time and money very seriously. Here are some benefits that are sure to relieve some of your IT stress.
  • Integrated services. Don’t worry about signing on with multiple providers to get the tools and solutions you want. From security to storage, we have the experience and tools needed to manage your network successfully.
  • Quick response times. As mentioned previously, we have support staff on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because we know that technical malfunctions or data breaches can occur at any part of the day.
  • Maintenance and updates. We pride ourselves on using preventative measures to cut out any downtime in your system and workflow. At Klik Solutions, our team doesn’t believe in working on a break/fix basis because there is too much room for error. That’s why we maintain and update your infrastructure before any real issues can arise.
  • Detail safety and recovery. Your secure data is one of the most vital parts of your business, that’s why we work tirelessly to keep it safe. Though we are not able to guarantee complete safety from hack attacks, we can give you multilayer protection and multiple backup aspirations.
  • Central solutions. By consolidating your users, processes, staff, and technology, we can offer you a better workflow with decreased business expenses.
For more information on our vision and Cloud services, call us today at 888-959-1196 or Klik here to schedule a meeting with one of our exceptional experts.

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