Cloud Storage Services

Many data storage solutions offer you little storage space and lots of downtime. Luckily, the scalability of our Cloud Storage Server allows our clients to have secure and cost-effective data servers that provide access to data from multiple devices. With so many repository options, our Cloud IT Services and Managed IT Services are sure to give you the space, flexibility, and security your business needs to thrive.

Cloud Storage Services

Here at Klik Solutions, we use Microsoft Azure’s Blob Cloud Services online. Microsoft’s Cloud Storage for data is referred to as the Blob because it allows consumers to store huge quantities of unregulated technical intelligence. Here are the main features you will receive with our Azure Blob online storage server:
  • Secure management of material. Klik Solution technicians use a wide variety of cybersecurity tools. This includes SIEMs, EDRs, Firewalls, and 24x7x365 support. You can even optimize your own storage space using an Admin knowledge base. As an administrator, you may adjust settings, sharing capabilities, and access controls to your liking.
  • Simple collaborations. Through our Microsoft Team’s features, you’ll be able to video chat, share files, store files, make changes, and create tickets to create a smooth and effective collaborative environment. Klik’s Team’s solutions even aid you in avoiding version overlaps by offering a version control option.
  • Storage and export of a wide range of files. Any type of file can be stored on this Cloud Storage System. Including graphic design elements, digital presentations, videos, and photo files. Our Team’s programs even give you the capability to add your data to cloud storage automatically.
  • Data lake creation. If you’re a big organization with multiple offices, you may need a place to store all of that space-consuming analytic documents. That’s why our Azure Data Lake Storage is crucial. It will enable you to decrease your insight time by integrating a quality file system with substantial expandability.
  • Up-and-out scaling. We know you have IoT and High-Performance Computing needs, that’s why our system supports intense throughput requirements and the expandability it takes to properly store over a billion data particulars.
  • Cost-efficient storage with tons of space. With all the volumes of storage, automatic biorhythms, and access to information that is seldom used our service can give you the benefits you need at a fraction of hardware archives.

Why Klik Solutions is the Right Cloud Provider for You.

We offer a ton of services, including SIEM, EDR, and Firewall protection. Here are a few of our most admirable attributes:
  • Secure services. Because we provide so many IT safety features, like the ones listed above, we have more than enough knowledge, software, and cybersecurity skills to keep your guard up at all times.
  • Productivity increases. In-house or in-experienced IT professionals sometimes lack the knowledge to prevent downtime, or work on a break/fix agenda. We work non-stop with top-notch technicians to make sure issues are resolved before they arise.
  • Continual support. Our team prides themselves on the 24x7x365 assistance we offer to our clients. With more than enough employees and expertise to benefit your company, we are sure to become great allies.
If you’re tired of your old and clunky hardware storage system and are looking for something better, or just want more information on our plethora of services, Call us today at 888-959-1196. Or Klik here to schedule a meeting today!

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