Case Study: Taking Limelight from Startup to Fully Cloud-Based

Case Study: Taking Limelight from Startup to Fully Cloud-Based



This case study examines the journey of Limelight Business Partners Inc., a startup that required comprehensive IT infrastructure setup and support from inception. Klik Solutions, a Baltimore-based Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), was instrumental in designing, implementing, and supporting a fully cloud-based IT environment for Limelight, enabling the company to launch and scale its operations effectively and efficiently.


Client profile:


Limelight Business Partners Inc. is a nascent company eager to carve its niche in a competitive industry. Located in a bustling tech hub, Limelight aims to leverage innovative solutions to drive its business forward. As a startup, Limelight required a robust IT foundation that could support its dynamic needs without necessitating significant upfront capital investment in hardware and traditional IT infrastructure.





Starting from scratch, Limelight faced the daunting task of establishing its IT infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. The company needed to ensure that its IT setup could support its operations seamlessly, enabling team members to collaborate and work efficiently from any location. Moreover, being a small entity, Limelight was concerned about the scalability of its IT infrastructure as the business grew. Additionally, the importance of cybersecurity, especially in handling sensitive information, was a paramount concern for the company.


The Solution:


Klik provided a comprehensive solution to Limelight’s challenges:


  1. Cloud-Based Environment: Klik recommended a completely cloud-based IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for onsite hardware. This innovative approach not only reduced initial setup costs but also offered flexibility and scalability.


  1. Microsoft Office 365 Integration: Following Neil’s insight that “more businesses are utilizing Microsoft Office 365 for their infrastructure instead of buying equipment and hardware,” Klik implemented Office 365 for Limelight, ensuring a seamless and efficient work environment.


  1. 24/7/365 Support: Klik offered round-the-clock support, ensuring that Limelight’s operations were always running smoothly. This support was uniform across all client sizes, emphasizing the partnership model Klik follows.


  1. Cybersecurity Measures: Recognizing the critical importance of data security, especially for sensitive information, Klik underscored the need for robust cybersecurity measures and recommended cybersecurity insurance to mitigate risks.




The collaboration between Klik and Limelight Business Partners Inc. yielded significant outcomes:


– Cost-Effective IT Infrastructure: Limelight was able to kickstart its operations without the burden of heavy initial investments in IT hardware, thanks to the cloud-based setup.


– Operational Efficiency and Scalability: The implemented cloud environment and Office 365 integration facilitated a scalable and efficient operation, allowing Limelight to focus on growth without worrying about IT infrastructure limitations.


– Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind: With Klik’s emphasis on cybersecurity and the implementation of necessary measures, Limelight could assure the security of its sensitive data, a critical factor for its success and reputation.


– Future Planning: Satisfied with the services received, Limelight is now considering expanding its collaboration with Klik to include marketing and data analytics services as the company scales.


Amy Thomas of Limelight encapsulated the sentiment towards Klik’s services: “Klik is my managed service provider, and I can work anywhere in the world. I know they are looking after everything. If I have an issue, I submit a ticket right away and I get something back. I am so happy with the services I have. IT Services are very important and vital to any business, but also most definitely for medical practices because again you don’t want anyone hacking into your patient information. That could be a huge breach and issue. And make sure you have cybersecurity insurance!”


This case study exemplifies the successful partnership between Klik and Limelight Business Partners Inc., highlighting how tailored IT solutions can empower startups to achieve their business objectives while ensuring operational efficiency and security.


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