Full Managed IT Service for a Healthcare Company

Full Managed IT Service for a Healthcare company



Klik Solution was approached by a healthcare company that relies heavily on a highly technical and available technology support partner. Their concern was that the previous Managed Service Provider had a slow response time and lacked capabilities to really move their technology needs forward. In addition to this, as we discovered later, they were billed for servers in their data centers that they never received. Klik Solutions stepped in to help them. Being satisfied with the level of service provided, we now have a strong partnership with this client which is now benefiting from our comprehensive Managed IT support program alongside co-location with Molnii, our high-performance cloud platform.

Client profile:

This healthcare organization is providing outsourced services to seven hospitals in Maryland. Before working with us, they had old hardware that their old MSP failed to upgrade appropriately. In addition to this, they had their data center located in Delaware. Their requirement to remain compliant under HIPAA guidelines added a lawyer of complexity that typical MSP’s often are not able to handle.

The Problem and the Challenge:

  • They received slow response from the previous MSP, potentially putting people’s lives in danger. Time is of the essence when it comes to healthcare.
  • Their infrastructure was dated and lacked high availability. They needed a trusted partner to redesign, implement, and support this new platform. And of course, all this needed to be done under HIPAA guidelines.
  • All their servers were located in Delaware and needed to be physically migrated back to Maryland during the weekend. This needed to be coordinated to eliminate any possibility of downtime. Essentially, Monday morning, everything had to be online and functional to support their important work.

The Solution:

  • The Klik Solutions team assessed their infrastructure and replaced old technologies with up-to-date solutions.
  • Our engineers implemented brand new servers, network components, redundant secure firewalls while ensuring that clients’ systems are reliably protected while staying highly and HIPAA compliant.
  • Our engineers implemented a business continuity plan leveraging our Molnii High Performance cloud platform along with Veeam Software to ensure that their data was protected and always available.
  • Migrating hardware to Baltimore helped to cut costs significantly. On top of this, the healthcare company received reimbursement for the missing hardware from their previous MSP.


  • Klik Solutions demonstrated competence to address customer’s needs, which resulted in a long-term partnership. Klik is providing Full Managed IT Services as well as hosting of their servers in our Molnii data center.
  • Migrating hardware to Baltimore helped cut costs significantly. On top of this, our client got reimbursement for the missing hardware from the previous MSP.
  • Partnership with Klik Solutions and 24*7*365 IT support allows our clients to have less downtime, get fast responses, increase work efficiency, and fully concentrate on their patients.
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