Helping a Health Care Company Focus on CARE

Helping a Health Care Company Focus on CARE


A growing company in the home health care industry initially contacted Klik Solutions to discuss a migration of data to a Microsoft 365. Once we got our foot in the door, we quickly identified a number of needs beyond data migration that, if implemented, would provide higher levels of compliance with regulations, greater security around sensitive patient data and an IT environment that better suits their operational needs.

Client profile:

Our partner is a company owned and operated by a team of compassionate and passionate healthcare advocates, who emphasize the “CARE” in healthcare. This concept pervades all aspects of the company. The company provides premium services to qualifying adults, children, and families, including companionship, assistance with tasks of daily living, respite care for those caring for another family member, and supportive, specialty and consultation services…all in the comfort and security of the client’s home. Prior to the pandemic, they were a small-scale business, but experienced a great deal of growth since. Klik quickly recognized their initial request for migration services was not going to be adequate to meet their needs.

The Challenge

When our client partnered with Klik Solutions, the goals were to transfer some of the responsibilities in the IT arena, to lighten the workload of the leadership, to provide critical protection of the sensitive patient data, and to improve internal practices and policies. Their infrastructure had not kept up with the growth of the company, the platforms used were becoming obsolete, and they needed clear cut strategies, processes, and procedures in place..

The Solution

Once the company agreed to sign on for Manage Complete & Protect Plus Plan, the wheels were in motion for further improvements:

  • Klik’s sales team contacted the leadership to discuss their needs and possible solutions. The company partnered with Klik Solutions in January of 2022.
  • They purchased new devices and software to ensure greater levels of security and regulatory compliance.
  • Klik implemented a full migration of their previous systems to Microsoft 365, where they can provide greater security and access controls to their in-house administration staff.
  • The company went live with the Klik Support team in March of 2022.
  • Klik fully onboarded key staff, while also auditing and analyzing previous procedural strengths and needs. This resulted in implementing comprehensive best practices, thus ensuring that the sensitive patient data is protected and secure.


Klik Solutions was able to provide support and guidance in addressing key needs regarding the 365 migration, new computers, network hardware, managed cyber security services, policies and procedures, and ongoing business support. The leadership and staff at our client’s company has fully embraced that support and utilized all improvements collaboratively identified through this process in partnership with Klik Solutions.

In a recent interview on Klik TV, top leaders commented, “You guys were a big factor for us because it helped us further to improve the quality of service that we provide, and to be ensured that our health information that is entrusted to us are well taken care of.” They added, “It helps us sleep soundly at night that, you know, everything is secure, and our clients can be assured that we’re taking care of their data and it’s well protected.” Because of the ongoing follow up and support, they feel like they are Klik’s only important client!

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