Achieving SOC2 Compliance for Barcoding, Inc.

Achieving SOC2 Compliance for Barcoding, Inc.



Barcoding, Inc., a leading technology solutions provider, faced the challenge of meeting SOC2 compliance regulations. With the increasing demands from their clientele and impending contract negotiations, the pressure was on to swiftly address these compliance requirements. Recognizing the complexity of the task at hand, Barcoding, Inc. turned to Klik Solutions to assist them in navigating this intricate landscape efficiently.


“We were facing a dual challenge of SOC2 compliance, which seemed daunting initially. Klik Solutions stepped in to streamline the process, making it manageable and effective.” – Barcoding, Inc. CTO Martin Jack recalls.



Client profile:


Barcoding, Inc., headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, has been a pivotal player in the automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) domain since its establishment in 1998. Catering to a diverse clientele across retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and government sectors, Barcoding, Inc. has built a reputation for delivering cutting-edge AIDC solutions tailored to enhance operational efficiency.



The Problem
and the Challenge:


The primary challenges faced by Barcoding, Inc. included reducing the burden on their CTO, minimizing duplication of efforts, and adhering to stringent timeline requirements. With the necessity to comply with SOC2 standards, the task ahead was formidable.


“The compliance requirements were daunting. Klik Solutions’ intervention significantly alleviated the pressure, allowing us to focus on our core business activities,” says Jack.


The Solution:


Klik Solutions proposed an integrated approach leveraging their managed compliance service, Klik Insight Pro. This approach facilitated the simultaneous attainment of SOC2 compliance. By harnessing the power of Klik Insight Pro’s compliance platform and utilizing its efficient ticketing system, Barcoding, Inc. could identify and address compliance gaps methodically.


Jack added, “Klik Insight Pro played a pivotal role in our compliance journey. Its systematic approach and intuitive platform simplified the process, enabling us to navigate through the complexities seamlessly.”




Through the collaborative efforts of Barcoding, Inc. and Klik Solutions, the objectives were achieved successfully. Barcoding, Inc. emerged as SOC2 compliant positioning itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the industry.


Jack reflects on the outcomes. “Thanks to Klik Solutions’ expertise and support, we not only achieved SOC2 compliance standards into our operations. This has bolstered our credibility, instilled confidence in our clients, and demonstrated our commitment to security. Our customer’s information is safe and we have the data to prove it.”


This case study exemplifies the effectiveness of strategic collaboration and proactive measures in navigating complex compliance landscapes, empowering organizations like Barcoding, Inc. to thrive in today’s competitive business environment.



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