7 Blog posts to Help Improve your Computer Security

7 Blog post for a secure computer

November 30, today we celebrate National Computer Security Day! Let’s raise public awareness of looming cyber threats. This annual event aims to underline the importance of data protection and encourage people to secure their devices and personal information. Our world is digital. So we shouldn’t underestimate cyber risks and be proactive in keeping our sensitive information safe.


At Klik Solutions, we focus on preventive measures to protect our clients and do our best to increase awareness about critical computer security issues. Here is a compilation of our blogs that will make your business safer

1. How to Protect yourself from Cybercriminals.

Everyone could become a victim of cybercriminals. Don’t be careless and find out the 5 Tips on how you can protect yourself from cyberattacks from our blog

2.Vulnerabilities of the Financial Industry.

Is your business in the financial industry? Be aware of some specifics that may compromise your computer security and make your business vulnerable. We listed the key reasons here

3.Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security to your accounts. Evelina Fishman, a Project Manager from Klik with almost 10 years of experience gives her tips on setting up your MFA for Office 365

4. Protect your Microsoft 365 Data

Microsoft 365 became very popular among businesses worldwide because of its convenience for remote work and vast collaboration opportunities. That’s why it’s essential to protect it from malicious actors. Read on how to get your data secured while using Microsoft 365? Find out from our post .

5. Protect yourself from Phising

Almost 90% of security incidents are caused by users – whether through negligence or malice. Phishing is one of the most common cybercriminals’ tricks to get to you. Learn more about Phishing and how to avoid the hook

6. Common Cyberattacks

Hackers continuously evolve their methods, but the most common types of cyberattacks remain the same. Discover more here

7. Know more about Firewalls

Firewalls are the first lines of defense for a company network. Find out the five basic things about these oldest computer security defenses that remain a crucial foundation of network protection today. Learn more here


When it comes to sensitive data, a small mistake can cause massive damages. Klik Solutions is always here to protect your data and get hackers out of your nightmares! Klik here to get started on your computer security


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